GoogleSharing: a firefox addon

While reading the latest issue of Information Security Magazine I came across an article of a tool Moxie Marlinspike released at Blackhat this past summer, Googlesharing.  Marlinspike has introduced several tools that help people concerned about privacy avoid giving up personal information. GoogleSharing, a Firefox add-on, acts as an anonymizing proxy service and is designed … Continue reading “GoogleSharing: a firefox addon”

Google beta’s SSL for web searches

According to this H article, Google is beginning to beta a new feature of providing SSL for their standard web search service. As one commenter noted, Google is still collecting the same information from your searches but this will limit 3rd parties from eavesdropping on your search queries. Remember SSL doesn’t guarantee absolute privacy as … Continue reading “Google beta’s SSL for web searches”

Pay to have your neighbor’s wireless cracked

I just found this article about a new service run by Moxie Marlinspike (from sslsniff fame).  He has created WPA Cracker which uses the cloud (his 100 cpu quad processor cluster) to crack WPA and WPA2 (PSK only) handshake captures.  So for $17 and the handshake capture you should have your password with 20 minutes. … Continue reading “Pay to have your neighbor’s wireless cracked”