AT&T’s new Privacy Policy….

I received an updated AT&T privacy policy in the mail yesterday.  They’re making their policy easier to understand AND “pointing out programs that could help other businesses serve you better”

That’s great, so AT&T isn’t getting enough revenue from our cellular subscription fees — they also have found new ways to generate revenue by undermining our privacy.  Of course it’s not just AT&T, but all big (and smart?) companies.

It sounds like AT&T is now selling cell tower/node registration information to third parties.  Kevin Mitnick was tracked using cell tower triangulation.  This same concept can be bundled as a service and sold to retailers i.e. What time of day/week are the most 25-35year old males in a 1 mile vicinity of our storefront?  Maybe we’ll have a scantily clad woman stand on the street to lure these men into the store.

For example, we might provide reports to retailers about the number of wireless devices in or near their store locations by time of day and day of week, together with the device users’ collective information like ages and gender.

The second program sounds like using location data coupled with advertisements.  If your cell phone is frequently showing up near airports or hotels you’ll get travel focused ad’s.

ATT Privacy Policy Page 2ATT Privacy Policy Page 1

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