eBay’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

I received a notification from eBay over the weekend regarding an update to their User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Buyer Protection Policy.  After skimming the updated policies I did not notice anything invasive or earth shattering.  Companies periodical perform a policy review/refresh and it is a time to try and sneak in anti-privacy clauses.

Some highlights:

Provisions regarding use of eBay’s mobile applications. To cover the growing popularity and use of eBay’s mobile applications and to provide for possible new ways we may display the terms and conditions applicable to them in the future, we added references to these applications throughout.

Updates relating to eBay’s contacts with members. We updated provisions of the User Agreement to provide further clarity regarding the purposes for and circumstances under which eBay or its service providers may contact members using autodialed or prerecorded voice message calls and/or text messages and the circumstances under which eBay may share members’ contact information with members of the eBay corporate family or other parties.

Updates to the Buyer Protection provision. We updated the provision to reflect our ability to remove funds from a seller’s PayPal account in a currency other than the currency of the transaction at issue where the seller does not have sufficient funds available in the transaction currency.

All in all, eBay and its corporate family (PayPal, StumbleUpon, StubHub) have fair policies.  You wouldn’t expect a large company with as many users to get away with substandard user protections for long.

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