How Big is Your Haystack?

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Steve Gibson and his Security Now! podcast.  Recently someone notified me of a neat website that Mr. Gibson created.  The website which he calls Haystack is a ‘brute force search space calculator’.

So what IS the “Search Space Calculator” ?

This calculator is designed to help users understand how many passwords can be created from different combinations of character sets (lowercase only, mixed case, with or without digits and special characters, etc.) and password lengths. The calculator then puts the resulting large numbers (with lots of digits or large powers of ten) into a real world context of the time that would be required (assuming differing search speeds) to exhaustively search every password up through that length, assuming the use of the chosen alphabet.


2 thoughts on “How Big is Your Haystack?”

  1. a. you do not get notified TO something, you get notified OF something.
    b. what is your point?
    you say you are not a fan and yet you do not say why.
    I would be interested.


  2. The point is that even though I’m not a Steve Gibson fanboy I find this latest tool of his useful. I don’t agree with Steve’s views on open/closed source, security through obscurity, SpinRite, and he reminds me of talking to someone’s grandpa, a curmudgeon.


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