LastPass: My new favorite password manager

LastPass is a cloud based password manager.  There’s no worries as your master password is used to symmetrically encrypt your information before it it sent to LastPass.  You don’t have to worry about passwords lying around unencrypted on your disk. The really great thing about LastPass is they support just about every known device: BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc……..

LastPass is free!

LastPass Premium (no ads, mobile support) is only $1 a month!

LastPass imports from over 20 password managers

Go check it out now.  I’ve already switched from KeePassX and Firefox Password Manager.  I’ll be getting the rest of my family moved on to it this weekend.  If you still need more convincing Episode 256 of Security Now, Steve Gibson walks listeners through the LastPass architecture.  Also don’t forget to run the LastPass Security Challenge — it will score you based on your average password strength, use of two factor authentication, blank passwords, duplicate passwords, etc.

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