do you know where your pr0n is?

In 2008, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) was becoming the latest trend, hype, buzzword.  This slowed down in 2009 as with most technology because of everyone tightening their belt (purse strings).  I’ve been wondering how long it was going to take for an open source DLP solution to take off.  Please correct me if I’m wrong but it appears opendlp may be the first on the scene.  While still in its infancy (at a minor 0.2.1 release) it already has a web front end and a deployable agent for clients (monitoring data at rest).  It supports regular expressions which should make it flexible.  Without a WYSIWYG policy builder like you’re getting with off the shelf products you’re sacrificing ease of use vs. power and flexibility.

So far I’ve only used a pilot of Symantec’s (formerly Vontu) DLP product for my employer.  I had a blast testing it out on the network especially because of its flesh tone filter (if flesh_tone_filter then email me pr0n).  It’s a shame we may not see flesh tone filtering in opendlp any time soon; isn’t knowing where the pr0n is more important than the company’s lifeblood, intellectual property?

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