GPS Forensics & Google Earth

I previously wrote about online GPS Forensic references and wanted to put them to use.  I had a suspicion that my girlfriend has been seeing another man.  When she was at work I grabbed her GPS (Garmin Nuvi 205) and connected it via USB (don’t forget a write blocker).  For Garmin models, the file you want to look for is “Current.gpx

Once I copied Current.gpx, I installed Google Earth.  Earth actually imports several different GPS data/location files. Earth parsed all the recent destinations entered into the GPS and loads them as waypoints.  It makes it very convenient to find out where someone has been, where they might live (home location), etc.  Think about all the applications i.e. rental car GPS units.

***If you don’t want to use Earth you can open the gpx file in a text editor (simple XML).  You’ll be looking at lat/longitude coordinates that you can plot yourself.

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