DD-WRT Rollback

I previously wrote about installing and using the alternative linksys firmware, DD-WRT. Well, after running DD-WRT for about 5 months I’ve decided to roll back to the original linksys firmware.  Here’s my reasoning:

  • My linksys wrt54g v8 was only capable of running dd-wrt MICRO.  Micro has the least amount of features of any of the dd-wrt releases (the linksys doesn’t have enough nvram to store any more features/applications)
  • IPtables support was crippled in dd-wrt micro v24 that I was running.  I wanted to setup a span/mirror port which was not possible (at least not for me).  I’ll have to spend a few bucks now and buy a hub (if i can find one anywhere!  No one seems to sell hubs..)
  • The DD-WRT was randomly forgetting all of its settings (port forwardings etc, which was causing me to lose all remote access to my machines).  DD-WRT doesn’t run SSH at the micro level and there’s no way I’m leaving telnet open publicly.
  • DD-WRT was unreliable.  I had to reboot it at least once a month because it would lock up and stop routing packets.

Has anyone tried OpenWRT?

One thought on “DD-WRT Rollback”

  1. Sorry to hear of your bad experience with DDWRT. I’ve been running it for years without any issues, and actually found it more reliable than the Linksys version (not to mention the added functionality). However, yes, I did seek out a cheap old version 2 Linksys router on Ebay so I got the full version running openvpn. Very cool.


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