Time Warner Cable – Road Runner DMCA Notice

I recently got slapped with a DMCA notice from my ISP, Time Warner. Below is a copy of the page where all of my traffic was redirected to. All of my requests were hijacked until you acknowledge the notice. Using FireBug I tried altering the javascript to send different return codes back to Time Warner. Unfortunately, they seem to be performing input validation on the return code and nothing was working.  Has anyone else had any success manipulating this?  What kind of workarounds have you tried?  OpenDNS?  Any pirate firmware for the Motorola Surfboards to change the physical address?  How do you get the new MAC address registered on Road Runner’s end?

Road Runner DMCA Violation

Below is an excerpt of the webpage:


.... ? function RequestRelease(sReasonCode) { document.ReasonForm.ClickedCode.value = sReasonCode; document.ReasonForm.submit(); } //--> <td align="left" background="imgs/index_r2_c2.gif" bgcolor="#ffffff" valign="top"> <form name="ReasonForm" method="post" action="ReasonPg.aspx?[SOME_HASH_KEY_1]" id="ReasonForm"> <input name="__VIEWSTATE" value="[SOME_HASH_KEY_2]" type="hidden"> <input name="ClickedCode" id="ClickedCode" type="hidden"> <td rowspan="5" align="left" valign="top" width="94%"><span><span><a href="Javascript:RequestRelease('[I TRIED DIFFERENT VALUES HERE]')"><b>I am aware of this issue and will take steps to resolve it.<b></b></b></a><b><b><br><br></b></b><pre><b><b>Dear Subscriber: (message here --- see screenshot) Road Runner Customer Care</b></b></pre><b><b><br><br><a href="Javascript:RequestRelease('ABUSE-LEGALCOPY')"><b>I am aware of this issue and will take steps to resolve it.<b></b></b></a></b></b></span>

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