IE8 Released

In case you haven’t heard Internet Explorer 8 was released yesterday. You can download it here:

I played around with it a little last night.  Unfortunately it’s the same user interface as IE7.  Where IE8 really steps it up is with security and privacy.  There’s a built in SmartScreen filter that notifies you if a page is known to be malicious.

You can also clear all of your browsing artifacts with one click.  There is also a new context menu (right click) that lets you jump right to your blog or map an address.  There is compatibility mode to render pages as IE7 — what would really be nice is IE6 which so many pages seem to still be built for.  Also I noticed they more or less stole the improved Firefox address bar that doubles as a history search.

I recommend trying it at least to give you something to talk about this weekend!

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