TrueCrypt: Avert Employer’s Computer Policy

Would you like to store personal data on an employer owned computer?  Does your employer have a policy about what can be stored on their machine?

To protect yourself from employer remote software/inventory scans (as well as a ton of other encrypted related uses) download TrueCrypt:

It will allow you to create an encrypted container.  So lets say you need 1GB for your mp3’s.   This program will make a 1GB file  and when you put in your password that file becomes another hard drive on your computer.   Then when you’re done or turn off the computer that extra hard drive goes away until you mount it again using your password.

Think of this as a FREE encrypted virtual thumb drive — (as long as you have a tough password)

I use these on my work PC to store pics, mp3s, and other personal data.  That way if I’m not using the data it stays secure.  My company randomly searches PC’s remotely and this is a big help.

Check my next article about protecting your unallocated disk space!

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