Nintendo DS Hacking

Back in the day a friend’s father solder a mod chip into my Sony Playstation.  We were then able to rent PS1 games and copy them using a PC and a CD-R drive.  It was amazing — I think I ended up with over 30+ PS1 games — of course these were only for evaluation.  I promptly destroyed these copies once I decided to purchase the game or I didn’t like it.

Fast forward about 10 years…

Low and behold people have been doing the same procedure with more or less difficulty with every console before and after the Sony PS1.

If you own a Nintendo DS and you’d like to download and play games from the ‘net you will need the following:

Here is the M3 DS Card you want to order:

You will need to order a memory card, but I would recommend you order it from Amazon because it’s very cheap from them (see below)

Once you get the memory card you will need to download the “OS” for the
card here:

Once you download it extract it to a folder called system on the memory stick (via
your mom’s PC)

Then you can download game files from here:

Extract them into a folder on the memory stick for each game then boot the DS and you
can play all the downloaded games!

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